Who We Are?

The American Register of Certificated Inspectors, Auditors and Managers (ARCIAM) is a professional organisation active in the development of persons working in the field of conformity assessment including audit inspection and activities, as well as in other professional fields of organisational development. Our main purposes is supporting labour mobility, generating new or increased opportunities for the workers, and increasing of the common base of skills and knowledge in persons in various fields of activity. Our value proposal ensures that certificate holders of the same program and training have simmilar knowledge and skills worldwide. Also, our certificates are very easy verifiable anywhere in the world.

ARCIAM certificate holders exhibit knowledge and skills in their certification discipline and acquires a commitment to continuing professional development.

ARCIAM, and its business associates, continuously develop the ARCIAM system of Auditor/Lead Auditor - Inspectors - Managers training courses as well as short-term courses that will complement the college and university education as lifelong learning. Currently, our certification schemas include more than 1,500 certificated courses, and growing.

Certification schemes

  • Quality (ISO 9000 family and related)
  • Risks (ISO 31000 family and ISA)
  • Projects (ISO 21500 family)
  • Information security (ISO 27000 family)
  • Business continuity (ISO 22300 family)
  • IT Services (ISO 20000 family)
  • Environment (ISO 14000 family)
  • Health and safety (OHSAS 18000 family)
  • Supply chain (ISO 28000 family)
  • Assets (ISO 55000 family)
  • Energy (ISO 50000 family)
  • Food Safety (ISO 22000 & HACCP family)
  • Inspection (ISO 17020 and tech standards)
  • Metrology (ISO 17025/43 and tech standards)
  • Persons (ISO 17024 and tech standards)
  • Innovation (UNE 166000 family)
  • Tourism and gastronomy
  • Information privacy and IIP
  • Oil&Gas (Tech standards)
  • Business, Governance & strategy

Certification approaches

  • Lead auditor
  • Auditor/Internal auditor
  • Inspector
  • Manager
  • Implementer

General requirements

Older than legal age (18 yr+)
Education in a related field
Related experience
Specific training
Audit training

Lead auditor additional requirements

Extended audit training
* ISO 17021 series, ISO 27006, ISO 28003, ISO 17065, ISO 17028, between others (as appropriate)

Supporting documents

Curriculum Vitae
Education & training certificates
Experience (work/audit) certificates
ID (national document)
* Audit experience must include information about the audited organization, standard(s) under review, conformity assessment body information (if applicable), role performed and audit hours.

Special examination

Some certification schemas uses a two step examination process: the first one, by using a written test (documental) and, the second one, by a practical testification about the performance of the candidate having as reference the standard(s) under evaluation.

Certification levels

Some certification schemas uses levels of proficiency having different content for each course and exame.

Certification process

  • 1. Competences development: Our evaluation schemas require a previous training following ARCIAM guidelines, ensuring content and course duration. Some courses include a continuous evaluation from the instructor about performance of the trainee. Courses can be re-scheduled or canceled upon decision of ARCIAM associates.
  • 2. Requirements review: Prior to the exame, our licensees must perform a detailed review of requirements compliance for each candidate pursuing an ARCIAM certification.
  • 3a. Examination: The examination is held the last day of the course. The duration and form depends on certification scheme.
  • 3b. Transfer examination: Examination is held the last day of any scheduled training courses applying the transfer certification exam.
  • 4. Evaluation: Each exame is evaluated by a third party (different from the instructor) to ensure independence and objectivity. If the certification scheme allows it, there may be a second opportunity to present the exam, which must be requested by the candidate and taken during the six months following the exam.
  • 5. Register and certificate issuance: Once the exame is approved, the ARCIAM business associate will informe and upload the results of the examinations. ARCIAM will proceed to register the candidate as a certificated person issuing the corresponding certificate.
  • 6. Verification: Any ARCIAM certificate can be verified, anytime, anywhere, thru this site. If you think your certificate was tampered or you are in the presence of a non recognized certificate, please inform it to info@arciam.org
  • 7. Maintenance: The validity of each certificate will be accordingly to each certification scheme.
  • 8. Complaints: Any third party can file a complaint against a certified person regarding ethics or professional performance in the specific field certified, which can lead to the loss of certificated person status following a formal investigation.